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Kalpouzos Marbles' factory is fully equipped with the most up to date machinery for cutting blocks of marble, grinding, milling, as well as cranes and forklifts. We are using the latest technology to fulfil customer's expectations.  

Our Machinery Equipment includes:


  • 1 Five-axis G-REX CNC specialised in shaping profiles and Lathe for shaping columns

  • 1 Hydraulic Lathe

  • 1 Hydraulic copying machine 4 Axes

  • 1 Gang saw with 32 blades

  • 1 Diamond wire shaping machine

  • 1 Monoblade

  • 1 Tiles polishing machine

  • 1 Waterjet

  • 2 Bridge cutting machines

  • 2 Cutters

  • 2 Manual polishing machines for slabs

  • 1 Horizontal-Vertical cutting machine

  • 1 Drill machin

The fully trained personnel of Kalpouzos Marbles provide you with full support at every stage of the process. From preliminary measurement to carving and dimensioning, as well as supervising and installation of the marbles for any architectural project.

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