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3D Design & Architectural Solutions

3D Design & Architectural Solutions

At Kalpouzos Marbles some of our interior designers and architects who look to us for interior colour and material advice have been with us for a number of years and trust our judgement not only when it comes to tiles, but with a range of materials needed to complete a space.

The staff in the office are extremely capable and knowledgeable when it comes to designer tiles, decorative wall tiles, mosaics and mosaic tiles. Their in-depth knowledge of our entire product range, the fit and durability ensures our clients make informed and long-term decisions.

Our innovative architectural solutions:

  • Focus on colour, material and fit

  • Source in specific products from interstate or overseas

  • Oversee the process from pre-construction to post-construction

  • Deliver products to customer site


Tiling samples are provided to our clients, for them to take and see the fit, colour and surface appropriateness. A range of tiles are available as samples, until you are 100% satisfied with your choice. Members from our staff are able to regularly visit the construction site and to ensure the job is running smoothly.

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